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Dedicated Online Game Servers

Although Infojunky does not rent or manage dedicated game servers, we are very happy to recommend one of the largest, fastest growing Game Hosts based in the United States. EscapedTurkey.com offers fast, reliable game servers with the ability to run any supported game at any time, coupled with the lowest prices available for 26 player slot game server makes EscapedTurkey.com the only place to rent from.

EscapedTurkey.com is currently hosting the latest popular online games, such as

Battlefield 2 (unranked) Prey
Battlefield 1942 Quake 2
Battlefield Vietnam Quake 3 Arena (all versions)
Call of Duty Quake 4
Call of Duty: United Offensive Red Orchestra
Call of Duty 2 Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Doom 3 RTCW: Enemy Territory (all versions)
Doom 3 ROE Soldier of Fortune 2
F.E.A.R. Tribes 2
Jedi Knight 2 (1.04) Unreal Tournament
Jedi Academy Unreal Tournament 2k4
NeverWinter Nights Warsow


Also Available

  • TeamSpeak Servers

If you are looking for a centrally located dedicated game server for a low price, be sure to check them out!

While InfoJunky and EscapedTurkey.com are separate businesses, we want you to know InfoJunky does provide web design and support to EscapedTurkey.com. They do not pay for this page, we just so strongly believe in their game servers and knowledge that we want to help spread the word!

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